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  • Order "Meet Polkadot" here!

    Order "Meet Polkadot" here!

  • Janet Mock, on "Meet Polkadot"

    Janet Mock, on "Meet Polkadot"

Press on DangerDot published works.

Press on DangerDot published works.

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The Polkadot Series

The Polkadot Series

A series of children's books that center the experiences of a child who is neither a boy nor a girl. What makes the"Polkadot" series unique is that it centers a non-binary experience of gender identity, rather than a binary one.
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Thirty-Nine (39) Questions for White People

Thirty-Nine (39) Questions for White People

DangerDot Publishing is very honored to celebrate the publication of "Thirty-Nine Questions for White People," by Naima Lowe, a stunning art piece and rare book that insists that readers reflect on the complexity of race, and the privilege to not have to notice it.
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Our Commitments

Our Commitments

DangerDot publishing promotes and engages in fair labor practices that are sensitive to the environment. We are committed to seeking out manufacturers who do the same. We wish to make a positive impact with our printed work both socially AND environmentally. We support collectives and employee-owned companies.
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UpDates on our Emergency Work to Rescue LGBT Ugandans

June 21, 2014—UPDATE

Thankfully all work that myself and fellow, seasoned activists are doing to support LGBTQ Ugandans seeking relief through escape is now situated under the Umbrella of the Olympia Quakers.  In May, Safe Passage Fund became a partner, collaborating with the efforts of the Friends New Underground Railroad.  Safe Passage Fund was created to provide travel funds and support to LGBTQ individuals and allies who face immediate threats of arrest, attacks, violence and persecution in countries where harsh laws have fostered a climate of extreme homophobia.  Weekly updates of our work can now be accessed on our website’s blog at :http://friendsnewundergroundrailroad.org/blog/    Addtionally, all donations made via our new website’s DONATE button are tax deductible!

To date we have supported the relief of nearly 80 LGBTQ Ugandans. Every day we receive requests for more support as the conditions become more horrific.

This week, two very horrific incidents have occurred amongst those #LGBTQ folks we are supporting. There was loss of life and a brutal brutal beating. Please consider giving to facilitate escape and recovery. Thank you.


April 21, 2014—-UPDATE

As of today we have attempted to assist 18 LGBT Ugandans who have requested our assistance in escaping from the danger in their homeland.  We have successfully moved 17 of those individuals out of country and into safety via our New Underground Railroad.  Sadly one gay man committed suicide while in the hiding place we had secured. We hold him in our hearts. His body was successfully transported back to Jinja for burial.  In order to preserve our route and the safety of friends/family of those rescued, we are cautious about sharing too much identifying information. We will continue to update you here on the numbers and rates of success.

We have 14 more people who have requested assistance and have been moved into various temporary hiding places which we have secured.  Please consider donating now so that we may move these folks to safety as soon as possible.  The cost of move across border is roughly $87 USD per person.  Thank you.

You can donate to support this effort here. 

April 16, 2014 —UPDATE

Olympia Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends has noted with deep concern the Ugandan Government’s passage of a law targeting the LGTBQ population.  This law has created a climate where the life, health, and freedom of all LGTBQ Ugandans and those who help them are at immediate risk.

We are appalled at hearing about those who have already been kicked out of their homes, denied basic rights, abandoned, beaten, imprisoned, or killed, or who live in constant fear. Olympia Monthly Meeting has been called to create a “New Underground Railroad” project to aid LGTBQ Ugandans who are fleeing their homeland for their lives and safety.

We have been given an opportunity to provide direct assistance that will save lives. In the first few weeks of this effort we have helped 17 LGTBQ Ugandans get to safety and freedom.  Many others remain at risk, and are trying to escape.  We call on all Friends, both individually and in their Meetings, Friends’ organizations, and all people of good will, to help us in in this effort.  For more information, contact Gabi Clayton, Co-Clerk, Peace and Social Justice Committee, Olympia Monthly Meeting: 360 888-5201; gabi@gabiclayton.com

Checks can be sent to:

Olympia Friends Meeting 1717 18th Court NE

Olympia, WA 98506

April 12, 2014

Our 3 friends are safe in a neighboring country, preparing for their resettlement in Sweden. Thank you tremendously to each of you who donated, shared and kept Humphrey, Dickson, and Jacob in your thoughts.

We emptied a case of “Meet Polkadot,” Thank you soooo much to each of our generous donors.  1908281_10152314712790900_1211973332400255319_n

Xo Talcott Broadhead, MSW

April 6, 2014

At this moment DangerDot is working closely with the Olympia Friends (Quakers) to support 3 of our gay friends in Uganda.  The brutality, imprisonment and deaths suffered by LGBTQ Ugandans is not merely a blip on your news feed– it is real.  It is happening right now. Ugandan police and civilians are hunting down LGBTQ folks.

One straight Ugandan friend reports:

“The Ugandan police is so busy lately, in just 10hrs…they have been able to arrest 8 people for either being gay or involved in Gay activities. If they are lucky, they might be produced in court or will just disappear and never be seen again. …if you think that’s too sad, since Monday 3 people have been killed for gay related issues. If the world doesn’t do something more and more people will be killed every day.”

Thirty-nine (39) Questions For White People! One copy!! Available with donation to Pope Press in Olympia!!


I am very excited to announce that ONE more copy of “Thirty-nine (39) Questions For White People,” by Naima Lowe has been released!

YOU can get your hands on this 1st edition, signed and numbered piece by Naima Lowe by donating $300 to Pope Press of Olympia, Washington.  Artist and Author Naima Lowe has donated this final piece of the 1st edition as a “perk” for the Pope Press indie-Gogo campaign.

With this $300 donation you not only receive a rare and highly acclaimed rare book, but you will also be supporting a wonderful community letterpress project that is grounded in social justice and equality.

HeAd over here to donate and receive this copy. Please consider donating at any level as there are a number of wonderful thank-you gifts being offered in gratitude.

A wonderful piece in the Advocate that features “Meet Polkadot”

The Stories That Gender-Nonconforming Kids Need

Children’s literature is too often a tale of two genders.
It's a baby. Copyright Talcott Broadhead, 2013.

Small Works for Big Change

I am so happy to be participating in the Sylvia Rivera Law Project event: Small Works for Big Change!

small works

This event is an art auction that benefits and furthers the goals of SRLP which include:

  • Providing access to free, quality, respectful, affirming legal services for low-income transgender, intersex, and gender non-conforming people.
  • Using training, public education, policy reform, and precedent-setting lawsuits to end state sanctioned and institutional discrimination, violence, and coercion on the basis of gender identity and expression, which we understand is inextricably related to race and class.
  • Building a non-hierarchical collective organization that internally practices what we’re struggling for by developing the leadership of low-income transgender, intersex, and gender non-conforming people of color.
  • Participating in the larger movement for racial, social, and economic justice that includes gender liberation and prioritizes the issues of those most affected by the systems of oppression under which we live.

Not only have I curated a small donation of West Coast art and music, but with my daughter Clementine, I will be attending the March 8th event in New York City!!! 


Included in the art I am sending to the event are:

  • 4 incredible signed and numbered Letterpress prints by J.Hukee of Pope Press in Olympia, Washington.  (Including the one pictured above! “Today I will be the Hunter,” 2013) Pope Press is a community letterpress started by Hukee in an effort to honor the late Dr. Elspeth Pope’s vision of a space for people to come together and learn to print on her equipment.  Hukee’s development of this space is grounded in Social Justice and Change and includes an event and workshop calendar.  It’s such an honor to accept and pass along this donation from Hukee! Thank you Hukee.
  • 2 signed and numbered hand colored prints by Jason Vivona.  Jason Vivona is a multi-media artist and musician whose work has been exhibited in numerous galleries across the United States including: 111 MINNA in SF, The Museum of New Art in Detroit, and Vitale Gallery in Florida to name a few. His work has been featured solo at Syracuse University and Homestar Modern in Portland, OR. and published in Juxtapoz, Transworld Skateboarding, WARP, DIW, Skyscraper, RELAX, Portland FunBook 3 and many more.  I fucking love his art. LOVE IT.
  • You Are Plural’s newly released full-length album on vinyl: “Rabbit Rabbit.”  I am so excited to send 2 LP’s of You Are Plural’s new album to this benefit!  This album is perfect and the band is not only divine but their label: BrickLane Records can’t stop putting out all of  my favorite albums of 2014.  Thank you so much to the band for this donation!
  • And finally I am including an original ink and watercolor painting that I made of Janet Mock for the launch of her new memoir: “Redefining Realness, My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love and So Much More.”  It was an honor for me to be part of Janet’s launch team and I am donating this piece with her blessings! I will also be including two signed copies of my new book, “Meet Polkadot,” and two limited art prints featuring illustrations from the book.

You can register for the event here!

Meet Polkadot at “Land” store in Portland

You can now pick up a copy of “Meet Polkadot,” at the Land Gallery, retail store in Portland, Oregon.

Located at 3925 N. Mississippi Ave. I’m honored to have this book amidst some really amazing authors and artists!!!


Meet Polkadot author and illustrator Event at the Olympia Timberland library!

December 12th at 7:30pm! Free event.


Danger Dot Publishing featured in Bitch Magazine!

61_food_coverNaturally DangerDot Publishing is a huge fan of Bitch Magazine, whose motto: “feminist response to pop culture,” rings true to our feminist ears, so you can imagine how thrilled we are to have been featured in the newest print issue of Bitch Magazine!!

Arielle Yarwood wrote a wonderful piece titled, “Gender Friendly: DangerDot Publishing,” for Bitch’s Love It series!!

You can purchase a print copy of this issue: Winter 2014, Issue 61 at your local independent book store/ newsstand. You can also purchase a print and/or Digital copy for download here.