Reviews and Accolades

“Like Polkadot, I hold no investment in binaries, even in book genres. Meet Polkadot is a book for children, for adults, for all people; a necessary primer on gender identity.”

-Janet Mock, author, producer, change agent.

Goodreads reviews:

“Welcome to the future. I won’t be the last to say that “Meet Polkadot is a book for all families, not just those with members bold enough to challenge gender norms.  Children are much more open to complexity than their parents are. They like broad strokes and bold statements, true, but parents often misconstrue that as a need to present the world to them as a single layer. In fact, a child’s world is a constant unfolding of rich, complex, and growing layers. “Meet Polkadot” is a book a child can grow with. It is a book a family can be together with. And it’s a book that heralds a future where all toys are toys, not just for girls or boys—and a child can dress in any color of the rainbow they choose.”

-Innosanto Nagara, Author of A is for Activist


Meet Polkadot is a children’s book that is written as much for adults as it is for children. Coming out November 22, the book is the second from brand new publishing company Danger Dot, conceived by Talcott Broadhead, author and illustrator of Meet Polkadot. It is also the first in a series of children’s books reflecting identities outside of the prescripted gender binary of male/female. A main goal of this particular book was to be accessible to those who might be encountering these ideas for the first time.

Balancing the hefty task of avoiding sensationalism and dodging the gender equivalent of color blindness, Broadhead, a gender studies professor, wrote the book with the intention that the book could be used not just to fill in a conspicuous gap for an underrepresented population for kids and parents, but also as a tool in higher education.”

Giovanna Marcus‘ interview and piece on Meet Polkadot for  Olympia Power and Light