About Us

[image description: Danger Dot Publishing written in black text underneath their logo which is an image of two back to back capitol letter “D”s overlapping to look like an open book. In the center of the open book is the trans symbol]

WHO: DangerDot is a small independent publishing company in Olympia, Washington,  started by transgender, social worker Talcott Broadhead in order to provide a landing spot for anti-oppression and liberation-focused literature for all ages.

WHAT: DangerDot is is the imprint of works that center the experiences of marginalized people that are written by marginalized people.  For us, by us, not without us.

HOW: DangerDot publishing promotes and engages in fair labor practices that are sensitive to the environment. We are committed to seeking out manufacturers who do the same. We wish to make a positive impact with our printed work both socially AND environmentally. We support collectives and employee-owned companies.

Resources gained through profit from that publication allowed the imprint to extend an ISBN, promotional efforts, a launch and distribution of Naima Lowe’s critical self-published piece “Thirty-nine (39) Questions for White People,” which subsequently sold out in 48 hrs!  Since that effort, 

A portion of all proceeds from sales are donated to efforts to support Black liberation and our transgender, and queer refugee community members in seeking asylum, safety and dignity.

Additionally, to date, DangerDot has donated 100’s of copies of “Meet Polkadot,” to non-profits, libraries, schools, community centers, clinics, low-income parents and caregivers, faith communities and summer camps.

We are not currently seeking submissions for publication.