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Have you been looking for a story with which to begin and/or continue meaningful and accurate conversations about gender identity? 

Maybe you ARE trans or you have a child/family member who is trans and you are ready for a book that honors transgender experiences rather than sensationalizes transgender lives and bodies.

A great book to read with family or to use in the classroom, Meet Polkadot has been used as an educational tool in preschools all the way up to graduate schools. Valued by social workers, health care providers, educators, youth, and families, Meet Polkadot is truly a book for all ages!

“Meet Polkadot” is a beautifully illustrated book that introduces readers to our main character Polkadot, a non-binary, transgender child. This book is an accessible introduction and primer to the the diversity of gender identity, the importance of allyship, and the realness of kids like Polkadot.